They Said

Your son is dead they said
I remember little more
Until waking naked,freezing,foetal on the kitchen floor
No tear’s came no primal scream
A living nightmare a waking dream
Last breath taken at four years old
Eyes closed,lips blue his skin was icy cold
Years have passed I still feel pain from the worst day of my life
Even simple memories open wounds like the sharpest knife.

Matt Earl 2016


Your emotional insecurity is none of my concern
An unrequited love on life’s funeral pyre does burn
A thousands dreams over a hundred days led to our demise
Restrained and so constricted an epitaph to your lies
A once bright sun has died and turned a blackest black
The remnants of my sanity has begun to crack
Silent screams echo in the recesses of your mind
Fragments of rememberings of a love you left behind
The banality of my existence on show for all to see
Destiny sings it’s hallowed song I ache to be set free

Matt Earl 2016

Byron’s Return : Unleashed

Five years had passed since Byron’s escape from hospital and the night that fate decided to deliver Abigail Atkins to him,he had relived that night frequently savouring every delicious memory.He had forced Abigail to drive away from the city and into the darkness a darkness from which she would never return.

Abigail looked at Byron with a mixture of fear and semi recognition her eyes and brain trying to piece together the familiarity that she felt, She was sure that she knew this man that held the knife to her throat,his smell was filling the car,beads of sweat settled on his brow as his eyes stayed fixed straight ahead darting from side to side scanning the road ahead.

“What do you want” Abigail asked

“SHUT UP AND DRIVE” Byron barked

Abigail drove on in silence….

The roads were empty which pleased Byron he needed time to think to plan his next steps,from the corner of his eye he saw a dirt track and instructed Abigail to steer the car in its direction and to kill the cars headlights,darkness engulfed them and Abigail was sure she could hear her heart thumping in her chest,fear gripped her more than before more than anytime in her whole life,Byron’s breath felt warm on her neck.

In the distance Byron noticed a building silhouetted against the night sky lit by the moons faint light.The building was in total darkness and looked in a state of disrepair as far as he could tell.

“Stop the car” Byron said

Abigail did as she was told as the cars engine died the silence and the darkness combined in harmony with an eerie beauty.

Byron forced her out of the car and into the stillness of the night,the cold air made Abigail shiver as her eyes adjusted to the darkness,In silence Byron forced Abigail forward the knife pressed firmly against her back.Byron forced her to lay face down on the ground the damp grass clung to her face and hair,mud invaded her mouth as Byron forced her head into the ground.

Byron surveyed the area and was sure it was deserted he moved towards the front of the building and forced open a door,the smell of decay and time filled his nostrils,pungent and harsh.He returned to Abigail and dragged her to her feet by her hair gripping tightly and twisting mainly for control but also for the excitement and thrill the pain he was inflicting gave him.Byron closed the door behind them and manoeuvred them both into the room that faced them,debris littered the floor and floorboards were missing both above and below them,bones and carcasses of long dead creatures littered the floor.In the corner was a table and Byron propelled Abigail in its direction in silence.

He laid Abigail onto the table and without saying a word she remained quite still seemingly resigned to her fate,the thought of screaming crossed her mind and indeed she tried to form a sound but nothing was forthcoming so she lay in silence transfixed by fear awaiting her fate.

Her destiny?

The first knife blow was savage all of Byrons rage unleashed in a powerful downward blow that crashed into Abigail’s chest smashing through bone and tissue,Abigail’s eyes sprang open in uncontrollable shock the sheer force of the blow forced air to exit her lungs in a style akin to a geyser erupting from the earth’s core.More blows rained down each one finding its mark in the same area with unerring accuracy,blood sprayed towards the dilapidated ceiling spraying Byron in the process.He never made a sound total control total silence as he continued to rain blows down into Abigail until all that remained was a red/black mess.He skilfully started to remove Abigail’s head all the time a content smile was on his face,a face that was covered in her blood,her life her death.

To be continued………